Things To Do

Girl’s Nights

Girl’s Nights

Every other month look for this fun activity. We have some wine and do crafts, what could be more fun!

Stitch & Bitch

Once a month is an open night to work on projects you have at home. Bring them to the shop and work on them with others. The night is free. If you need to bitch I am all ears!

Kid’s Craft Weekends

Before a holiday I try to have a weekend just for the kids. Look for them on my calendar.

Let’s Sew Something

Do you need the use of a sewing machine? Once a month you can come in and use mine for free. Need to mend or sew some pieces of clothing, come on in.


These crafts are ones you can do anytime and have a set price. There are many to choose from for kids and adults. So if you can’t find a class you want to take come in an choose a Pick-a-Project!

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